Surfer Blood

Matter of Time b/w Beloved Apparition

Catalog #: JNR220-7    Release Date: 11/04/2016

$ 8.00  


Track Listing 
  1. Matter of Time (3:04)
  2. Beloved Apparition [exclusive album outtake] (5:10)

    In anticipation of Surfer Blood's new album Snowdonia, we are releasing this advanced 7" single featuring the first track on the album ("Matter of Time") and an exclusive album outtake ("Beloved Apparition"). 

    This advanced 7" ships immediately, so you can listen while you patiently wait for the amazingly epic full album to arrive. 


    NOTE: a "highlighter yellow" version of this 7" is also available as part of the Snowdonia VIP Edition

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