Rope, Inc. "Songs of Love and War"

Catalog #: JNR335    Release Date: 7/24/2020

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Track Listing
  1. Believe
  2. Promise
  3. Strange
  4. Hold
  5. Become
  6. Escape
  7. Circumstance
  8. Stay
  9. Wrong
  10. Unknown
  11. Begin


    Out-Of-Print CD from Kramer's Second-Shimmy label
    release date: 2007

    ROPE, INC. is Matt Menovcik and Kramer. Matt wrote all of the songs and recorded his vocals, keyboards and drum machine parts at his home in Seattle before sending it all to Kramer, who added various instrumentations, created the arrangements, and mixed
    and produced the LP. The results are as unique as the aurora borealis, and just as breathtaking.

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