Shockabilly - Vietnam, Heaven

Catalog #: JNR335    Release Date: 7/24/2020

$ 15.00  


Track Listing
  1. Pile Up All Architecture
  2. Born on the Bayou
  3. Your U.S.A. and my Face
  4. (I Don't Wanna Go to) Vietnam
  5. Flying
  6. Nicaragua
  7. Paris
  8. Iran into Tulsa
  9. Georgia in a Jug
  10. Lucifer Sam
  11. Signed D.C.
  12. Instant Karma
  13. She Was a Living, Breathing Piece of Dirt
  14. Red Headed Stranger
  15. When You Dream About Bleeding
  16. Tau & the Soldier
  17. Life's a Gas
  18. Tray-Panning the Man
  19. Hendrix Buried in Tacoma
  20. How Can You Kill Me, I'm Already Dead
  21. Vampire Tiger Girl Strikes Again
  22. Pity Me, Sheena
  23. Happy New Year
  24. Our Metempsychosis


    Kramer's first band after leaving DAEVID ALLEN's NY GONG in 1980 was THE CHADBOURNES, an LSDC&W ensemble fronted by Eugene Chadbourne, with John Zorn, David Licht, and the late Tom Cora. That band eventually became a trio, got way louder and crazier, and re-named itself SHOCKABILLY after the departures of Zorn and Cora. They went on to sign with Rough Trade Records in 1982 and make 5 LP's together, all produced by Kramer.
    This long out-of-print CD includes the last two of this great band's releases, 1984's "VIETNAM" (war & violence), and 1985's posthumously released "HEAVEN" (death & decay). Highlighted by a guest appearance by Ed Sanders of The Fugs on the Kramer-Sanders song "Nicaragua" (and recorded during the same time period that Kramer was working with Sanders and Tuli Kupferberg in the '1984 FUGS' reunion band and subsequent concert tours), this cd is an indispensable ingredient in the seemingly endless listings of musical recipes in the forthcoming Kramer cookbook.
    Photo by MACIOCE (Italy, 1983)


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