Tropical Fuck Storm

Suburbiopia b/w This Perfect Day Test Pressing

Catalog #: JNR322    Release Date: 4/3/2020

$ 30.00  

  • Suburbiopia b/w This Perfect Day Test Pressing
  • Suburbiopia b/w This Perfect Day Test Pressing


Track Listing / Listen

SIDE A: Suburbiopia

SIDE B: This Perfect Day (feat. Amy Taylor) [Amyl and the Sniffers]



 A-side “Suburbiopia” is a lo-fi, hi-tech, sci-fi, slo-grind, disco scuzz, dance smash. Sung  by  the band’s Fiona Kitschin with guest drums and synths by Sean Powell (Surfbort) , Amy Taylor (Amyl and The Sniffers) and Dan Kelly. The accompanying video, created by the band and Oscar O’Shea, is an epic exploration of the upside of being in a suicide cult and takes place in a parallel universe where their death wishes are actually sensible choices. You will be enlightened and inspired once you’ve gazed through it’s glory hole into the third eye of your Raëlian overlords.” 

B-side “This Perfect Day” is the collaboration known as sNIFFsURFsTORM (also feat.  Amy Taylor & Sean Powell) covering Aussie punk legends The Saints.  Tropical Fuck Storm is comprised of Gareth Liddiard and Kitschin (The Drones), Erica Dunn, and Lauren Hammel.
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