Jad Fair & Kramer

Jad Fair & Kramer - The History of Crying (Revisited)

Catalog #: Shimmy-2006    Release Date: 06/18/21

$ 22.00  

  • Jad Fair & Kramer - The History of Crying (Revisited)
  • Jad Fair & Kramer - The History of Crying (Revisited)
  • Jad Fair & Kramer - The History of Crying (Revisited)

*Physical vinyl colors are each unique due to the nature of the format.
Expect a variation of our mock-up.


Track Listing / LISTEN
  1. Red Red Sun
  2. I Wanna Make a Movie
  3. The History of Crying
  4. I Won't Eat 'Til You Come Back to Me
  5. I'll Give You the Moon
  6. Pickpockets of Love
  7. Show Me the Way to Nowhere
  8. Do You Really Need a Map to My Heart?
  9. All I Need is a Kiss
  10. I Miss My Analog Warmth
  11. You Cripple Me
  12. Tearjerker



    Jad Fair & Kramer announce their third collaboration for Kramer's newly reborn Shimmy-Disc label, The History of Crying (Revisited) - a 12-song LP produced by Kramer at his Noise Miami recording studio, and in Austin, Texas.

    Long-time fans of Jad Fair will be blown away by his vocals on this album, as he runs rings around Kramer's complex melodies and sings like he's never sung before. 33 years after their first LP together (Roll Out The Barrel), this new LP sounds nothing like their previous two releases. With music by Kramer and words by Jad, there's something dripping down for everyone on this limited edition "Golden Tears Vinyl" LP, remixed by Kramer in glorious analog on the very same vintage UA610 console used by Brian Wilson to mix "Pet Sounds", and by Arthur Lee to record and mix LOVE's seminal LP, "Forever Changes

    This LP also features sublime-psycho guitar solos by PAUL LEARY (Butthole Surfers) on each and every song, recorded at his "Preacher Mon" home studio in Austin, TX.
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