Date added: 07/02/2013 Sleeping Bag Day! New ltd. split 7" w/ Mike Adams, "Women Of Your Life" properly released on July 16

Announcing... the brand-spankin' new split 7" from Sleeping Bag & Mike Adams At His Honest Weight, entitled "Heavyweights". You may remember Mike Adams from his Flexi-Disc a couple months ago. He's one of our favorites. And of course Sleeping Bag is probably our favorite slacker-rock of all time...

What you may not know is that both of these bands are from Bloomington Indiana. Which is just a hop, skip, and a jump from the JNR offices. And we find it very fitting that two of the best bands in Bloomington have not only decided to share a split 7", but that they each cover each other's music. That's right -- this split 7" contains two songs from each band: one new original track, and one cover of the other band. This split 7" is co-released with our friends at Jurassic Pop, and is limited to just 300 hand-numbered copies on orange w/ magenta splatter vinyl.


In addition to the new 7", we'd like to announce the "proper" release of Sleeping Bag's sophomore album Women Of Your Life. Originally released a few months ago on mint green vinyl (limited to just 300), it became obvious to us that this amazing album deserved a more widely-distributed release. So, on July 16 we will be releasing the album on CD and white vinyl.

The album has been praised by VICE, Spin, The New Yorker, and many others. So if you missed out on the limited edition first pressing, you are now in luck... White Vinyl, CD, and Digital available now! 

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