Date added: 04/05/2010 Tiny Mix Tapes exclusive - CJ Boyd "Alternate Roots" free download!

Today the always hip Tiny Mix Tapes posted an exclusive sneak peak at CJ Boyd's live album "Alternate Roots". Officially released on April 20, "Alternate Roots" is a live memory sketch of the meditative, expansive, and chamber-esque LP Aerial Roots, released last November.

Recorded live on one fateful night in Boone, North Carolina - "Alternate Roots" - allows listeners a window into the subtle balance of improvisational and calculable arrangements weaved throughout the music of "Aerial Roots".

For a limited time, download the album for free from Tiny Mix Tapes!:

And while you are at it, pick up "Aerial Roots" on CD, LP, or MP3 HERE