Date added: 11/29/2011 Victor Villarreal announces new LP on Joyful Noise!

Joyful Noise is very pleased to present Invisible Cinema - the first proper full-length album from Cap'n Jazz mastermind guitarist Victor Villarreal.

Embodying Villarreal's distinctly innovative and other-worldly guitar style, this album includes a wide spectrum of sonic variety. Hinged on the tumbling rhythms of Villarreal's unique guitar work, the music on "Invisible Cinema" ranges from lush indie-rock-slow-dance ("Enters") to meditative-percussive-drone ("Out Of My Hands") to what Victor does best: how-the-fuck-did-he-play-that-on-one-instrument-and-what-the-hell-is-the-time-signature acoustic guitar work.

Often credited as a pioneer of modern indie rock through his work with Cap'n Jazz, Owls, Ghosts & Vodka, and more recently, Joan of Arc, Victor Villarreal's solo venture brims with unpretentious, child-like optimism. Elements of classical and spanish guitar, as well as indie and metal are all present in this diverse batch of songs. Utilizing a plethora of instruments, and a few recording studios, "Invisible Cinema" is the first fully-realized Victor Villarreal solo material.

Invisible Cinema is limited to just 250 hand-numbered copies on clear vinyl (w/ digital). The album will be released on January 24th, followed by a US tour.

DOWNLOAD to the new song "Enters" HERE!