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What is VIP Membership?

VIP Membership is a community for the musically obsessed. It's a bridge to bands you already love, and a window into some bands you might not yet know. It allows us to connect you with our artists and label culture, and keeps the most limited and interesting releases in the hands of committed music fans.

What Does It Cost?

Basic Membership = $5 per month
Deluxe Membership = $15 per month

Credit, Debit, or PayPal accepted. You will be charged automatically each month, and you may cancel at anytime.

[NOTE: "Early Bird", Yearly, and Deluxe/Flexi Series Combo subscriptions are currently sold out.]

What Are You Supporting?

In the age of free digital music, JNR survives because of VIP Memberships. We all know that recorded music isn't as profitable for artists as it used to be-- but we all still want great music! So we use the fees from VIP Memberships to pay for fundamental operating costs so the artists ultimately don't have to chip in for things like utilities, rent, packaging materials, humble staff wages, and other things. This gives us tremendous freedom! The freedom to treat our artists fairly by splitting all profits from record sales 50/50, and the freedom to put out crazy shit that's just plain awesome regardless if it's gonna make money or not. Your VIP membership gives this great gift to us as well as our artists and we thank you! Hopefully you get as much out of it as we do. :)

Details on what's included:


Custom-Made 'Artisan' Releases

This is the ultra-limited, wild and crazy shit that no one's even thought up yet. They will be small-run super creative release that we'll be cooking up with our new partners PEOPLE IN A POSITION TO KNOW. Ever heard of a six-sided record? Yeah, that's what we're talking about!


Each month you’ll automatically receive a custom-made “mystery single” delivered to your door. Each single will feature an unreleased track from one of our artists, pressed specifically for you on vinyl (or vinyl-like material). Each release is limited to the exact number of Deluxe VIP Members that particular month, hand-numbered, and packaged in letterpress artwork. One month you might get a Kishi Bashi lathe-cut 7” limited to 274 copies, another month it might be a Sebadoh picture-disc limited to 643 copies. These "Mystery Singles” will never be available for individual sale, but if you are a Deluxe VIP Member they’ll automatically be delivered to you at no extra cost. Plus, POSTAGE IS FREE (even for international customers). 


VIP-Exclusive Vinyl Editions

You'll have access to limited, hand-numbered vinyl editions of our releases. VIP editions are the most limited versions of our releases, pressed on specialty colored vinyl, often packed with bonus material, and only available to VIP Members.

First Access to all New Releases

As a VIP you will receive advanced notifications of all new releases. We will email you (or text you if you prefer) 12-24 hours before any release is announced to the world. This advanced notice gives you first dibs on limited releases that often sell out soon after they are annouced publicly. 


As a VIP you will automatically receive free downloads of every new release in MP3 and WAV formats. The only exception will be music that is not released digitally (our Flexi-Disc series, for instance). But if the digital version exists, it's yours. Free of charge. 



As a VIP you'll have access to special website content hidden from the public. This includes our ongoing Private Stash (featuring a rotating selection of otherwise-sold-out releases), and access to our annual Test Pressing Week.



When you sign up before December 31st, 2014 you'll receive a free VIP-Exclusive T-Shirt. It's a real spiffy design, which isn't available publicly. So when you wear it, people will know you mean business. Or they'll wonder what Joyful Noise is. Either way, it's a nice shirt. 



As a Deluxe VIP you will have the option to combine any order with your free monthly shipment for a minimal fee. The fee varies depending on your location and the weight of your order, but trust us, it'll be a great deal. For US customers, you can expect to only pay $1-$2 per LP (as opposed to $5 or so), and Overseas customers, you can expect to pay around $4 per LP (as opposed to $18 or more).