2015 Flexi Disc Series Announced! [Announcements]

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We are extremely excited to announce our 4th annual Flexi-Disc Series! We have lined up 12 of our favorite artists, who will each be contributing an unreleased track, exclusively available on the 2015 Flexi Disc Series.

Some background:
The Flexi Disc Series is a platform for some of our favorite artists to release never-before-heard recordings on a fleeting analog format. Artists are encouraged to be as adventurous as possible for the duration of one single-sided flexi disc (which is essentially a square, flexible 7″ record). These are unique and ephemeral tracks from some of the best bands in the world.

Each release is strictly limited to a one-time pressing of 1000 copies on clear, single-sided, square Flexi Disc (w/ full cover art chosen by the band). These songs will not be released digitally or on any other format. That is to say, the total existence of each recording is limited to just 1000 copies, on an increasingly-degrading analog format.

Artists contributing to the 2015 series include: Arousal (Kevin Barnes as Georgie Fruit), Cloud Nothings, Deerhoof & Celestial Shore, Goblin Cock, King Buzzo (Melvins), Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth), Oneida, Pattern Is Movement, Protomartyr, Sonny and the Sunsets, Tera Melos and Wye Oak.

Standard subscriptions only cost $5 / month (+ postage), or you can opt for the Deluxe VIP Subscription which gets you a custom wooden box set, and all the perks of Deluxe VIP Membership.


Announcing Winter/Spring 2015 Internship [Announcements]

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Interns Wanted

It’s time once again to open our doors and welcome a new crop of eager minds to explore behind the scenes at JNR. Do you want to learn the secrets of putting out records in a world oversaturated with free media and entertaining distractions galore??? Do you have a few hours every week you can come to our offices in Indianapolis and help us keep the dream of rock and roll alive?

The Winter/Spring 2015 Internship is upon us. Starting Friday January 9th and ending May 1st, the 15 week internship involves an 8 hour per week volunteer commitment.

In exchange for your help you’ll receive free records, invaluable insider knowledge, and the satisfaction of working on cool records.

If you wanna come join the team, fill out the application below. We’ll be accepting applications until Friday December 19th. Looking forward to working with you!


<3 JNR

Joyful Noise and People In A Position To Know are joining forces! [Announcements]

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We are very pleased to announce that Joyful Noise has partnered with one of our favorite labels, People In A Position To Know! If you are unfamiliar with PIAPTK, you must get acquainted. For the past 8 years, PIAPTK has brazenly pushed the boundaries of physical media in a way that is downright awe-inspiring.

Founded by Mike Dixon (no relation to the other Mike Dixon in Memory Map), PIAPTK has a long track record of insanely constructed releases, such as the CD-Record Series (CDs that also play on turntables), and an absolutely brilliant 6-sided record design, and playable vinyl records made from upcycled items such as picnic plates, laserdiscs, X-rays, plexiglass, etc.

Throughout 2014 we’ve become good friends with Mike, having hired him to create several lathe-cut releases, and cut records live at WARMfest. Mike’s approach embodies much of what we aspire to at JNR, and after seeing his endless box of prototypes, we are very excited to incorporate his designs into a plethora of VIP-exclusive releases.

It’s an absolute honor to be bringing Mike into the fold as a JNR team member, and bring PIAPTK on as an official Joyful Noise imprint. Effective immediately, Mike will be working alongside myself and artwork director David Woodruff as release strategist and creative director for JNR. In addition to helping with creative strategy for large-scale releases, Mike will also be hand-crafting ultra-limited records as the label’s in-house lathe-cut manufacturer. We are extremely excited about the potential this brings to our releases, and we aim to do some really crazy shit in 2015.

More news will be coming soon. In the meantime, check out Arizona Public Media’s video feature on Mike, and the PIAPTK website.

Karl Hofstetter
President & Curator
Joyful Noise Recordings

Join the Kenny Dennis III Street Team [Staff Posts]

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poster on the wall

Serengeti’s new album, Kenny Dennis III, is out November 11th.  There are too many people in the world who don’t know about this and who don’t even know who Kenny is. I know! Crazy! To fix that, we’d like to enlist you to put up posters to raise awareness (in exchange for an awesome reward).

Just follow the instructions below:

1. Email your name and the address where we can send you 30 of these posters:


2. After receiving your posters, give them each a caption announcing the coming of KD III on November 11th (get creative! there will be a reward for the best caption) and post them where potential Kenny fans will see them. Record stores, music venues, coffee shops, malls, sports venues, etc.

3. Take photos of your posters on display and email them to

4. Sit back and wait to collect your reward, consisting of: a free advance download of Kenny Dennis III, a comic book detailing the events of the album and a screen printed poster of Kenny and Ders (signed by Serengeti) shown as a work in progress below.

kenny and ders poster

For all of you who are gonna join the team, thank you. Now let’s go spread the word!

To begin email

J Fernandez Show [Live]

J Fernandez

We are excited to announce J Fernandez, Big Colour and Self to the Joyful Noise stage this Thursday, October 16th, 8 PM. This show is pay what you want.

J Fernandez has been hailed as a reclusive basement pop creation…. Not much is known about the Chicago natives other than the fact that they consider Ludens throat lozenges to be influential to their sound. We see the connection. Their live shows have been known to cause slight hypnosis and uncontrollable enjoyment. A cross between the Doors and a futuristic avant garde pop recluse savant, J Fernandez will put on a show you’ll definitely talk about for eons to come.

J Fernandez will be joined by the once Chi-towners turned Indy group, Big Colour and Michigan band, Self. Big Colour do lo-fi pop like it’s nobody’s business, Self are known for creating vast sonic landscapes. Both have been known to put on kick ass shows. We hope to see you all here Thursday night to hang with us and hear some great music! Show starts at 8 PM.