WHY? Street Team + Win a Goldent Ticket at a WHY? Show Near You!! [Live]

By (Staff Post)

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WHY? Street Team–you know who you are.  I’ve already contacted most of you.  THANK YOU for helping us spread the word about WHY?!  As a way of saying thanks, we’d like to offer you free passes to the show in your hometown. Here’s what we need you to do:


  1. Post about the show from your Facebook profile.
    (simply make a status update mentioning the fact that WHY? is playing, that you’re going, and anything else you want to mention about the band/show.)
  2. Post about the “Golden Tickets” EP
    (make a separate post from your Facebook page, linking to this page & personalize the post in any way you choose)
  3. Post a comment on the Facebook event page for the show in your hometown.
  4. Send us an email or Facebook message letting us know you’ve done steps 1-3. 

 5.  Share either an article about WHY? from local press, or an image of the show poster. 

That is it! Accomplish steps 1-5 and your name will be on the WHY? guestlist for the evening. Furthermore, we’re going to send out 5 WHY? t-shirts to participants whose names get pulled out of a hat.

Please let me know if you have any questions.