Thor & Friends

Artist Profile:

Thor is like a caveman. From the future.

He's at once terrifying and the most gentle soul ever... Incredibly empathetic, but he will punch a Nazi without hesitation.

He ran for governor of Texas, "cause, fuck this"

He is one of the most self-aware and agile artists we have ever worked with. He has the musical curiosity of an uncorrupted child.

He makes crushingly honest videos about depression.

His Twitter handle is @ThorHarris666, but your grandmother would still adore him.

He is inclusive to the extreme. As demonstrated by the fact that he spur-of-the-moment-contributed to nearly every track on our 2018 Holiday Sampler.

From his home in Austin TX, he works as a plumber and woodworker. He helps to build homes for those in need, while combatting runaway gentrification. He is a literal pillar of the Austin community.

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