Lou Barlow
Lou Barlow
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"Hi, my name is Lou Barlow. Here is my short bio. One of my first song writing attempts occurred in 1983- it is called “Lou’s Anxiety Song”, released by my first band, Deep Wound. The original title was ‘Pressures’, but the singer decided to scream “Lou’s anxiety song!!” at the beginning (his commentary on the overly earnest lyrics). The title stuck. Deep Wound evolved into Dinosaur Jr. While playing in that band I began recording short songs on a baritone ukulele that I modified with heavier strings and flexible tunings. I called myself Sentridoh. I eventually started a band of my own called Sebadoh. And then in 1994, I started another band called Folk Implosion. In 2005 I made my first official solo LP under my actual name instead of a made-up, nonsense word. Around that time, I sensibly began touring with Dinosaur Jr. and Sebadoh again which brings me to... Brace The Wave out in 2015."
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