ANNOUNCING: Tropical Fuck Storm

The Australian art-punk combo continues its hot streak of brain-bending releases with maxi-single cassette Moonburn.

Side A offers the new song, "Moonburn," a classic TFS ballad followed by "Ann," a cover of The Stooges that swaps Ron Asheton's scorching guitar part for a deranged sound collage of guitar freakouts, siren noises, and electronics.

Side B includes an acoustic take on the fan-favorite song "Aspirin (Slight Return)" and a haunting cover of Talking Heads' "Heaven."

Check it out, right this way...


OUT NOW: Thor Harris
Doom Dub II

Announcing the latest from -- polymath musician, terrifying instrument wielding composer and percussionist -- Thor Harris' Doom Dub II.

It begins with a doomed beat. Atonal harmonies are expertly layered in, forming an alternate offering to the warm, sunny sound that history knows as Dub. Calling on his legion of wildly talented friends and artists – Zola Jesus, Lawrence English, Dorian Wood, Marissa Nadler just to name a few - the album charms you with haunting howls, while a steady, lingering drum beat creates the illusion of safety. Don’t get too comfortable. It’s a strange world - eerie but enticing.

Available on Black Cassette, and full printed zine, check it out right this way…


OUT NOW: Ben Shemie

Channeling his background in classical music, SUUNS’ Ben Shemie combines string fractals, manipulated vocals, and synth-powered chaos to bridge the universes of past, present, and future for his latest solo album Desiderata.

For this expansive album, Shemie was joined by the formidable Quartuor Molinari. Desiderata was recorded live on the floor of hotel2tango, the Montreal studio owned by Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

Available on VIP Limited Edition of 400 Black Smoke colored vinyl (includes VIP-exclusive 7" lathe-cut), Star Dust vinyl, CD, and digital. Check it out, right this way...


ANNOUNCING: Various Artists
Abortion Rights Benefit

A name-your-price sampler of songs from our roster benefitting All Options Hoosier Abortion Fund and Midwest Access Coalition.

All Options Hoosier Abortion Fund helps pay for medical care, transportation, child care, and other expenses related to obtaining an abortion.

Midwest Access Coalition helps people traveling to, from, and within the Midwest access a safe, legal abortion and provides assistance with travel planning and costs, lodging, food, medicine, and emotional support.

Check out the 29-track compilation, right this way...


Internal Radio

We have exciting news for you -- today we announce a fresh one from Eerie Wanda, Internal Radio!

On Internal Radio, visual artist and musician Marina Tadic welcomes you to her inner world. Guided by intuition, Tadic's songs use haunting, ethereal space, growing whole universes from the seeds of ideas. Building on the project's guitar pop past for a more experimental, otherworldly, serious grown-up affair that ventures into sensitive, emotional territory.

Available on VIP Edition Purple & Gold Haze vinyl - Ltd. to 500 (includes lathe-cut 7”), Lavender Vinyl, CD and of course Digital. Check it out right this way…


OUT NOW: Sound of Ceres
Emerald Sea

New York-based audiovisual project Sound of Ceres has traversed the Emerald Sea and surfaced with a tremendous third album. Rendered in ambitious orchestral passages and narrated by performance artist Marina Abramović, the album tells the story of how the universe comes to know itself over the course of three acts.

Emerald Sea follows two deities who trail each other through the furthest reaches of experience. There is the Universe, all that exists, voiced by Abramović. And there is Venus, transformer of matter and avatar of love, sung by the group's lead vocalist k.

Available on VIP Limited Edition of 500, Green & Sea Blue Galaxy Vinyl (includes VIP exclusive 7” Lathe-cut), Sea Foam Vinyl, CD, Cassette & Digital. Check it out right this way…