2020 White Label Series

Our annual White Label Series is here! This guest-curated vinyl series exists for a simple purpose: to save great music from obscurity.

In our content-saturated world, it's very easy for meaningful music to be overlooked. As a result, countless amazing albums are never properly released, and are doomed to languish in remote regions of the internet.

To combat this trend, we've asked twelve influential guests to each choose their favorite undiscovered or under-appreciated artists to be released on vinyl for the first time. Each month features a new full length album, hand-picked by one of our artist-curators, limited to just 500 copies.



The Low Anthem - Oh My God, Charlie Darwin

This is the first ever vinyl pressing of the Original Masters and original track list, before it was polished up for the masses. The story behind this album runs deep…

A decade ago, the band self-released the album in handmade packaging and direct-sold upwards of 12,000 copies on CD (oh what an era!).

Flash forward to today, JNR is reissuing this classic in a limited edition pressing of 1000 hand-numbered copies on electric blue vinyl. To honor the band's original hands-on approach to this release, the jackets are uniquely painted and screen-printed by the band themselves. Each copy includes a bonus flexi-disc, and instant download.



Tall Tall Trees - A Wave of Golden Things

We are so very pleased to announce our very first release of 2020: the amazing new album from Tall Tall Trees!

Tall Tall Trees is songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and longtime Kishi Bashi collaborator / band member, Mike Savino. Melding the influences of Pink Floyd and Cat Stevens with inspiration from banjo pioneers Earl Scruggs and Bela Fleck, A Wave of Golden Things is Savino's fourth studio album and his most realized work to date. Reflective of the dark and challenging times of today, Savino’s message is ultimately one of hope and finding peace of mind in the chatter of the modern world.

The VIP Edition is limited to 300 hand-numbered copies on 'Sunrise' orange & gold vinyl with goldenrod yellow splatter. Also available on Gold Vinyl, CD, and Digital.


Out Now:

Magic Sword - Awakening

Armed with a musical and visual aesthetic that has its roots unabashedly buried deep in the golden era of 70s and 80s fantasy and sci-fi, this band is steeped in fascinating lore... a tale of good and evil, told through an ever-expanding graphic novel story and accompanying synth-heavy soundtrack albums.

The new 30-minute EP is called Awakening, and it's due out now, with a full-length coming next year. The VIP edition is limited to 350 hand-numbered copies on pink and black "galaxy" vinyl. In addition, you'll get to learn all about their strange universe in the amazing comic book that accompanies the vinyl.



Deerhoof - Halfbird

The perennially beloved art-pop explorers Deerhoof are turning 25 this year! To celebrate the occasion, JNR, Kill Rock Stars, Polyvinyl are reissuing the band’s first three LPs.

“Actually Halfbird was going to be our second album,” Saunier says. “The reason Halfbird came out as our third album instead of our second is because it took four years of tinkering on the four-track to get it ready for release.”

Available in a three LP bundle while supplies last & on Pink/Yellow split color vinyl!


Out Now:

Tropical Fuck Storm, Braindrops

Full of compelling sounds and visions that reflect the often dark and fractured reality of life on planet Earth as we hurtle toward environmental and social decay at a frighteningly rapid clip, Braindrops is a jarring and exhilarating experience. The new record delivers pulsating grooves, black humor, dissonant experimentation, and unsettling dystopian plot lines—a truly unrelenting work, from an unrelenting musical ensemble.

Braindrops follows their lauded 2018 debut album A Laughing Death In Meatspace.

VIP Version is limited to 500 hand-numbered on cyan/highlighter yellow with pink and swamp-green splatter. Comes with an exclusive RISO art print…