Psychic Temple - Houses of the Holy

Behind it all is Chris Schlarb, mastermind and grand architect of Houses of the Holy. To construct this opus double album, Chris decided to lead four existing bands into the realm of Psychic Temple.

Each side of this gorgeous vinyl platter evokes a slogan of emotion. Beginning with (side A) Cherry Glazerr Songs of Love! Tenderness! Madness! Suicide!; flipped to (side B) Chicago Underground Trio Songs of Family! Music! Poverty! Dreams!; and new disc (side C) The Dream Syndicate Songs of Rebellion! Isolation! Hope! Escape!; to euphoric orchestral closer (side D) Xololanxinxo Songs of Spirit! Triumph! Unity! Reflection!.

VIP Vinyl is ltd. to 350 hand-numbered on Pink + Vintage Yellow with Black Splatter, also available in 2x classic Black LP, and digital.


ANNOUNCING: Joan of Arc -
Tim Melina Theo Bobby

Though it's sad to see this incredible band wrap it up after 25 years, they are definitely going out top of their game. This is quite possibly the best Joan of Arc album ever...

Tim Melina Theo Bobby, Joan of Arc’s final album, might be their most personal and adventurous to date, culminating the band's many inspired, divergent sounds into one self-reflective, conclusive statement.

Available in VIP Limited Edition Vinyl (limited to 400) on 'Exploded Portable Model Of' vinyl [Cyan & White w/ Green Splatter], includes bonus Flexi-Disc containing two album outtakes / Sky Blue Vinyl / Blue Cassette / & Digital right this way...



We are incredibly excited to announce that Montreal's SUUNS have officially joined the Joyful Noise family!

SUUNS have been creating darkly adventurous music for over a decade, and will release their new FICTION EP worldwide on October 30, 2020 (with a new full-length to be released in early 2021). Featuring guest appearances by Jerusalem In My Heart (Constellation Records) and Amber Webber (Lightning Dust, ex-Black Mountain), FICTION EP is a great introduction to this uniquely experimental band — from the strange grooves of “PRAY” and "Fiction” to the intense (and timely) Frank Zappa album closer.

VIP Vinyl is limited to 400 pressed to NEON YELLOW Vinyl & includes Bonus Flexi. 12” EP in White Vinyl + Digital right this way…


OUT NOW: El Ten Eleven - Tautology

Tautology is not a typical rock album, and El Ten Eleven are not a typical rock band. For seventeen years the instrumental duo of Dunn (bass/guitar) and Tim Fogarty (drums) have flourished outside the accepted norms of rock orthodoxy.

El Ten Eleven's Tautology is technically three records, each with a distinct quality representing different phases of life. The first, which represents adolescence, is angsty, aggressive, and occasionally depressive. The second represents middle age, and is head-noddy and mid-tempo. The third record, quiet and ambient, represents one's golden years.

Limited Edition Blue / Green / Red Vinyl (500) SOLD OUT in April, Limited Ultra Clear Vinyl 3xLP (1000) / Black Vinyl 3xLP / 3xCD and Digital are available right this way...



No Joy - Motherhood

For those unacquainted, No Joy is Jasamine White-Gluz. She is a strange genius. Her new album, first in 5 years, Motherhood, is a fascinating album that is equal parts shoegaze, trip hop, trance, and nu-metal. Yes, NU-METAL.

Motherhood is the culmination of years composing outside of her comfort zone, and a return to DIY recording with a leveled-up expertise in production.

VIP vinyl is limited to 400 hand-numbered on ‘Moonphase’ Clear & Neon Violet includes lyric/fasion zine signed by Jas herself. Neon Violet vinyl, CD and Digital available right this way...



Thor & Friends - 3 + 4

Last year, Thor Harris was our 2019 Artist in Residence. During this year long adventure, two Thor & Friends albums came to be. Featuring Low, Jolie Holland, Jenn Wasner, Bill Callahan and so many more, we could not in our right mind leave these to our long sold out box set! Set to release September 4, these two records now feature new alternate art and different color vinyl.

T&F 3 available on ‘Klaus’ Blue Vinyl, CD & Digital; T&F 4 available on ‘Medicine’ Mint Vinyl, CD & Digital. Discounted bundle pricing right this way…