Actually, You Can

“Think of all the beauty, positivity and love that gets deemed ugly, negative and hateful by the self-proclaimed guardians of 'common sense.' We'd hardly be destroying society by dismantling their colonial economics and prisons and gender roles and aesthetics. We'd be creating it!” -Deerhoof

Deerhoof has made a valiant return to this raging brushfire of a world with just what we needed: A brand new album!

With this "baroque gone DIY" LP, Deerhoof proves that anything—from consistent creative reinvention 25 years deep into a career to self-actualization in the midst of global upheaval—is possible.


ANNOUNCING: The Ophelias

Crocus retains the complexity of Almost, but revels in the newfound confidence bolstered by the growth and change the band has undergone. Contrasting their trademark lyrical clarity with lush arrangements, The Ophelias’ growth has been marked — so much has been transformed and rebuilt. Crocus is a safe haven, built with trust, love, and the assuredness that comes with growing up.

VIP Edition is on Gardner’s Green vinyl ltd. to 400, includes exclusive bonus flexi-disc. Also available on Pale Yellow LP, CD, Green Cassette, & Digital right this way…


ANNOUNCING: Tropical Fuck Storm
Deep States

Most of us have lived some inner Tropical Fuck Storm over this past year and a half. Even for a band that’s made a career out of crafting songs attuned to political and social crisis, there was a new bleak in the air for Tropical Fuck Storm, what the band calls “give-a-fuck fatigue.”

The third album from the avant-punk quad—aptly titled Deep States—mines familiar ground as well as new cultural terrains, while digging deeper into the subjective state of contemporary panic.

The VIP Edition is on Yellow & Orange Moonphase vinyl ltd. to 500, includes exclusive bonus flexi-disc of "Lose The Baby (Live)." Ltd. 2k on Teal LP, Orange LP, CD, Green Cassette, & Digital right this way…


The Witness

Self-recorded and self-produced over the majority of 2020 – through a year of strife, solitude and reflection – The Witness finds the band holding a magnifying glass over their own default state of playing and performing. “There’s something interesting about the idea of a collective witness, being a witness to the time we’re living in now,” vocalist-guitarist Ben Shemie reflects.

VIP Edition is Black & Pink Pinwheel vinyl, limited to 500 & includes an exclusive bonus flexi-disc of SUUNS cover of Colder's "Crazy Love." Limited Edition Bright Blue LP, Black LP, CD & Digital also available right this way…



We’re thrilled to announce that the JNR Family has gained a new member: Cedric Noel!

Cedric has spent the past decade creating soul-stirring pieces that muse on identity, Black beauty, and celebration, informed by his unique worldview: He was born in Niger to Canadian and Mozambican/Belgian parents, spent his upbringing around the world, and is currently based in Montreal.

Over the past decade, Cedric has released a number of critically praised full-length albums, EPs and collaborative works of his own, while also playing bass for acts like Ada Lea, Alexia Avina, and Dana Gavanski. This fall, he’ll be releasing a milestone piece of work on JNR, but for now, check out his previous work on Bandcamp...

Visit Cedric on Bandcamp

OUT NOW: Helvetia
Essential Aliens

Jason Albertini has solidified and simplified the Helvetia sound with new album Essential Aliens. The character of the recordings are informed with warm fuzz and intimate room sounds. The songs are short blasts of psychedelic chill, unrooted by genre, a rummage around an alien radio dial.

The visual elements were inspired by a recurring dream in which Jason's life is turned upside-down by a ghostly force. The dreams culminate in Jason awaking convinced that he, too, is a ghost.

VIP Edition is ltd to 400 on ‘Cerulean Blue Inside Ectoplasm Clear' vinyl & comes with Flexi of new unreleased track “For Sam”. Also available in Ectoplasm Clear LP & Digital.