Announcing: Good Fuck

Yep, we have signed our second "fuck band" here at JNR... Good Fuck is the new project from Tim Kinsella and his partner Jenny Pulse.

Kinsella and Pulse journeyed deep into isolation with this project. Kinsella’s extensive history in genre-pushing rock and roll (Joan of Arc, Owls, Cap’n Jazz) is strikingly complimented by Pulse’s fresh ear for minimalist electro sounds. Kinsella and Pulse achieved complete artistic symbiosis in composing Good Fuck’s music.

VIP Edition is limited to just 250 hand-numbered copies, pressed on "Love Colored" vinyl (red inside milky clear) and includes a bonus remix cassette. Also available on highlighter yellow vinyl, CD & Digital.

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Eerie Wanda, Pet Town

Eerie Wanda is the brainchild of audio and visual artist Marina Tadic.

Her new LP, Pet Town is an exercise in isolated creativity. Anchored by Tadic’s wistful lyrics and self possessed vocal delivery, these songs take on a stripped down, spectral quality. Using minimal recording techniques, Tadic shapes these ten songs from sheer intuition, while drawing inspiration from solitude.

VIP LP in Tri-Color Gold, Black & Bone vinyl limited to 250 hand-numbered copies, Black LP, CD, and Digital available for pre-order this way…

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CJ Boyd, Kin Ships

Kin Ships is a massive FOUR HOUR box set celebrating CJ's 10-Year Anniversary of being on tour. Yes, CJ has actually been on tour for TEN SOLID YEARS, nomadically performing his ethereal music in every corner of the world. 186 guest musicians, this is an incredible release canonizing the decade-long art project that is CJ Boyd's "InfiniTour".

The 4-CD set is limited to 500 copies, and includes a meticulously constructed 136-page book containing road-stories and photos from each state in the country.

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2019 White Label Series

Now in its 3rd year, the White Label Series exists to bring attention to the under appreciated musicians of the world. It's too easy for brilliant music to be overlooked in this content-saturated world of ours.

To combat that trend, we have lined up twelve artist-curators to choose their favorite unknown / under appreciated artist to release on limited edition vinyl. Each month the White Label Series features a new full-length album, hand-picked by one of our curators, limited to 500 hand-numbered copies (pressed on black vinyl, with plain white labels), packaged in our series die-cut jackets, with artwork from the band and statement from the month's curator printed on the insert.

Cost is $18 per month, and we have fewer than 100 subscriptions remaining.

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Out Now:

J Fernandez, Occasional Din

On this new ten track LP, J Fernandez’s songs are imbued with a mythical energy, full of curious moods, charmed settings and the timelessness of a familiar moment – drawing on influences from vintage Italian pop and soundtrack composers like Bruno Nicolai, and Alessandro Alessandroni, as well as their American contemporaries like The Free Design and Margo Guryan.

A sunny shoebox diorama for the eternal pessimist.

Still a few copies of the VIP version limited to 327 hand-numbered pressed to black inside crystal clear vinyl available!


Swamp Dogg
Love, Loss, and Auto-Tune

"The Southern soul survivor possesses the gonzo showmanship, expansive vision and warped wit to carry the imaginative fun of his music into the world of Auto-Tune"

"A rare instance of an artist using Auto-Tune to more fully reveal his emotions... Swamp Dogg remains the soul in the machine."
- Pitchfork

"Swamp Dogg is a national treasure."
- Swamp Dogg

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