All about Limited Edition Lathe-Cuts

Welcome to the Lathe Cave!

Our lathe-cuts are hand-made, cut in real time, on a modified 1940’s record lathe by David “Moose” Adamson.

Please note that due to this archaic record-cutting process, the fidelity is different than a traditional record. Pops and crackles are inevitable. To minimize noise, clean the grooves with an anti-static record brush.

Occasionally, your needle may get caught riding on the space between the grooves. If you hear nothing but noise, gently nudge the tonearm to allow the needle to drop into the bottom of the groove. Due to the hardness of the material, the grooves are shallower than a traditional record and may not play well on some modern turntables. If possible, adjust the tonearm to have a minimum amount of weight, and adjust your anti-skate to neutral.

Each of these records have been tested on a properly weighted turntable, but you may need to make adjustments to your typical setup for optimal playback.

Check out the lathe wizard at work: