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2017 White Label Series

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  • Subscription - 2017 White Label Series



JNR's "White Label Series" has a simple purpose: to save great music from obscurity.

In our content-saturated world, it is very easy for meaningful music to be overlooked... And therefore never to be properly released, and doomed to the remote regions of the internet. To combat that trend, we have asked twelve influential artists to curate our 2017 White Label Series and help shine a spotlight on their favorite undiscovered or under-appreciated bands.

This is the best music you've never heard of... Each month features a new full length* album, hand-picked by one of our curators. "White Label" releases are limited to 500 hand-numbered copies (pressed on black vinyl, with plain white labels), packaged in our series letterpress-printed jackets, with an insert including a statement from the month's curator. All albums include a digital download in WAV and MP3.

Have more questions? Check out our FAQ Page for more details! *NOTE: Each White Label release will contain a minimum of 20 minutes of music. Most releases will be within the 35-45 minute range, but some of these artists only have a limited amount of material available.



    Artist: The Ophelias
    Album: Creature Native
    Curator: Yoni Wolf

    Yoni Wolf of WHY? tells us why he chose The Ophelias for our January White Label Series. Read More.

    Artist: Waveless
    Album: Waveless
    Curator: Lou Barlow

    Read Lou Barlow's statement on why he chose Minneapolis band Waveless for our February White Label release. Read More.

    Artist: HIDE
    Album: Black Flames
    Curator: Tim Kinsella

    Read Tim Kinsella's statement on why he chose Chicago based band HIDE for our March White Label release. Read More.

    Artist: The Warm Hair
    Album: Dark Side of My Room
    Curator: Doug Martsch

    The Warm Hair has finally stalked out of their cave of recorded song, and for the first time on vinyl we present to you, ‘Dark Side of My Room’. Click through to read more about our curator’s pick for April. Read More.

    Artist: Godswounds
    Album: Death to the Babyboomers
    Curator: Toshi Kasai

    Toshi Kasai tells us why he chose “one from ‘down under’”, Godswounds for our May White Label release. Read More.


    Artist: Eamon Fogarty
    Album: Progressive Bedroom
    Curator: Chris Schlarb

    Read Chris Schlarb’s statement on why Eamon Fogarty caught his ear and why he chose him for our June White Label release. Read More.

    Artist: The Jade Shader
    Album: Sea Stacks and Sleestaks
    Curator: Rob Crow

    ”I knew The Jade Shader was going to be great. I just didn’t know in what way. A few things I knew for sure, Terrin Durfey was in the band, and Chris Prescott was in the band. It’s curl-up-into-a-ball good.” Click through to read more about our curator’s pick for July. Read More.

    Artist: Cole Palme and Heavy Friends
    Album: Trepans Of Yore
    Curator: Greg Saunier

    ”In academia they complain that poetry is dead, but anyone who listens to hip hop or Cole Palme will know that whoever says that simply doesn't know what they're talking about” Click through to read more about our curator’s pick for August. Read More.

    Artist: Cole Vargas
    Album: Cole Vargas
    Curator: Kelley Deal

    Cole is a self-taught artist and musician. He just picks up an instrument and plays it.” ”I admire that he is not afraid to create from a position of vulnerability and is willing to let the listener hear it”. Click through to read more about our curator’s pick for September. Read More.

    Artist: Tomberlin
    Album: At Weddings
    Curator: Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn

    Tomberlin and her album 'At Weddings' came to us from musician Mirah Yom Tov Zeitlyn. "It’s really not every day that an album of music falls into my lap in this way, especially one that I love immediately" Read More.

    Artist: Kris Doty
    Album: Smoke In The Mirror
    Curator: Janet Weiss

    Kris Doty and her album ‘Smoke In The Mirror’ came to us from musician Janet Weiss. “Spotlight(s) squarely on her distinctive voice and unique songwriting, revealing underneath a compelling raw creativity." Read More.

    Artist: Noah Georgeson
    Album: Osian
    Curator: Devendra Banhart

    Noah Georgeson and his album ‘Osian’ came to us from musician and frequent collaborator, Devendra Banhart. "It is a gift, a tangible expression of love…" Read More.
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