Joyful Noise

2021 Holiday Special Snowflathes

Catalog #: JNR399    Release Date: 12/5/21

$ 10.00  

These snowflake-shaped lathe-cut 7" records (aka "Snowflathes") are handmade, hand-numbered, and each include a download of the full 12-song holiday compilation on MP3, WAV, and AIFF. Each copy is made-to-order, limited to 200 total copies, across all bands. 100% of net proceeds are donated to Coalition for the Homeless.
  • 2021 Holiday Special Snowflathes
  • 2021 Holiday Special Snowflathes


Track Listing
  1. WHY? - Auld Lang Syne
  2. jess joy - OkCupid Xmas
  3. Paul Leary - We Wish You a Merry Christmas
  4. Kidbug - Just Like Xmas
  5. Sound of Ceres - Walking in the Air
  6. Jad Fair - Baking Cookies for Santa
  7. C.J. Boyd - Winter Wanderer
  8. Tall Tall Trees - Free Jazz Drummer Boy
  9. The Ophelias - Silver & Gold
  10. No Joy - Theme from Gremlins
  11. Kramer - Winterlong
  12. Oneida - In The Court of the Christmas King


      We’re suckers for a good tradition over at JNR, one of them being our annual “holiday special” with holiday-themed covers by the JNR roster. 

      Once again, we’ll be offering snowflake-shaped lathe-cut 7" records (AKA “Snowflathes”) to commemorate this mighty celebration. This year however, the Snowflathes are ultra-limited. Usually we cut 100 copies of each holiday song, but due to pandemic-related supply issues and the physical limitations of lathe machine (as well as our desire for Moose to have a good holiday with his family instead of becoming a sweatshop worker), this year only 200 total Snowflathes will be made across all bands!

      Each copy will be made-to-order, containing the song of the buyer’s choice (along with an instant digital download of the entire 12 song comp).

      100% of net proceeds will benefit Coalition for the Homeless (
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