Yonatan Gat & Stone Tapes

2022 Artist In Residence

Catalog #: JNR420    Release Date: 04/2022-12/2022

$ 100.00 USD  

A year's worth of new music, on 5 limited edition records...
  • 2022 Artist In Residence
  • 2022 Artist In Residence
  • 2022 Artist In Residence
  • 2022 Artist In Residence
  • 2022 Artist In Residence
  • 2022 Artist In Residence
  • 2022 Artist In Residence

*Physical vinyl colors are each unique due to the nature of the format.
Expect a variation of our mock-up.


What's Included?
  • Deluxe Vinyl Box Set, limited to 555 copies
  • Four 12" vinyl records, each pressed on multi-colored vinyl, plus a Lathe-Cut Record/CD hybrid
  • Adventurous new music from 5 distinct musical projects, each curated & produced by Yonatan Gat
  • Monthly advance downloads in MP3, WAV, and AIFF - including all 5 albums, exclusive bonus content, and access to the "CTRL GRP" rotating playlist (featuring unreleased music from 2022, 2023, and beyond)
  • Special access to Q&A sessions with artists, artist-curated playlists, the Stoned Apes Message Board, and more
  • Plus, your purchase not only supports JNR and Yonatan, but also supports countless artists who will benefit from this ambitious new label for years to come

Artists included in the Artist In Residence box set include:
  • Medicine Singers (debut LP, featuring Eastern Medicine Singers, Yonatan Gat, Thor Harris, Laraaji, Jamie Branch, and more – Listen here)
  • Yonatan Gat's American Quartet (featuring Greg Saunier of Deerhoof, Mikey Coltun of Mdou Moctar, and Curt Sydnor)
  • Maalem Hassan BenJaafar (Moroccan gnawa master of Innov Gnawa fame)
  • Mamady Kouyaté (Guinean guitar legend, formerly of Bembeya Jazz)
  • Monotonix (first new music in over a decade from the legendary punk band, produced by Ryan Olson)
These 5 titles contained in the Box Set will be the first 5 albums released by the new JNR-incubated sub-label... and will be the most limited pressings these albums will ever see. 


      Description / Watch

      The Joyful Noise Artist in Residence series returns in 2022 with Yonatan Gat & Stone Tapes!

      Throughout his unpredictable career, guitarist Yonatan Gat has blazed a fiery trail in contemporary music. From his legendary performances with the Israeli punk band Monotonix in the ‘00s, to his explosive 2018 David Berman produced LP Universalists, Gat has created work that explores new frontiers of sound, while pushing against the restrictive boundaries of genre.

      Gat’s latest project is his most ambitious yet: Stone Tapes, a genre-smashing label and collective created in partnership with Joyful Noise... It's "the end of world music". To Gat, “Stone Tapes is a space where radical experimental musicians and radical traditional musicians collaborate”.

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