Catalog #: JNR410-1    Release Date: 4/22/22

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  • Backwards
  • Backwards
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1. The End
2. Sneaky Prophet
3. Party Lions
4. High Tops & Limousines
5. Josie
6. Survivin'
7. Waters of Japan
8. Forever Battleship
9. Fat Knight
10. Deal Sealer
11. Backwards (The Beginning)
12. Backwards Backwards (The End)
13. The Beginning (Backwards)
14. Cut It With the Chatter
15. Federal Floatilla
16. Fat Night
17. I Belong Here
18. Country Livin'
19. Cry at Night
20. Food For the Fiends
21. Party Lines
22. Sneaky Profit
23. Truly The End


Wackbards is the unintentionally conceptual, tastefully unnecessary, unabashedly melodic, absurdly orchestrated, impossibly grandiose, immodestly unpretentious, and purposefully overcomplicated musical collaboration between Mark Pallman (Prizzy Prizzy Please) and Mike Bridavsky (Memory Map, Push-Pull, Lil BUB).

After 13 years and over 120 combined days in the studio, Wackbards is proud to present “BACKWARDS”, an Adderall-fueled prog-pop pontoon-rock masterpiece. Featuring guest performances from Sarah Balliet (Murder By Death), Mark Rice (The Coke Dares, Magnolia Electric Co), and Mike A (Racebannnon, Rapider Than Horsepower, Magician Johnson).

'Backwards' is the first release off the Joyful Noise Recordings 2022 Gray Area Cassette Series that features 10 artists from JNR's extended family. 
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