Toshi Kasai

Based On True Stories

Catalog #: JNR410-6    Release Date: 8/12/22

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  • Based On True Stories
  • Based On True Stories
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Tracklist / listen
  1. O.B.E. / Day Begins With Reluctance
  2. Perpetual Manufactory
  3. Lines Of Misery
  4. Antihero
  5. Obligated Party
  6. Leaving
  7. Captured By Crowds
  8. The Hole Of Echoes
  9. Topsy-Turvy
  10. Back To O.B.E.

Toshi Kasai has engineered/produced/played on incredible projects with the Melvins, Big Business, Tool, Qui... the list goes on! His own musical creations are also equally incredible, wild, compelling and experimental.

'Based On True Stories' is an expansion of Toshi's ability to create truly unique sounds and complex pieces with recording techniques and just about any instrument.

'Based On True Stories' is available now and is the sixth release off the 2022 Gray Area Cassette Series that features 10 artists from JNR's extended family. 

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