Dale Crover / Qui

Big Uns / Shame On You

Catalog #: JNR174    Release Date: 09/04/15

$ 7.00 USD  


Track Listing

Side A:
Dale Crover: Big Uns

Side B:
Qui: Shame On You


Mind-fuckery abounds in this split 7" from Dale Crover and Qui. Dale Crover is a man who needs no introduction. In his 30+ years as drummer of the Melvins (and also occasionally, Nirvana), Crover has influenced us here at Joyful Noise more than any other single human being. And it's a perfect fit to his new song to be coupled with our friends Qui. Both tracks are incredible examples of the imaginative antics these folks are known for.

The release is limited to 500 hand-numbered copies on red & yellow split color vinyl, as well as non-limited black vinyl.

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