Adam Harding & Thor Harris

Bonnie Rides With Us

Catalog #: JNR410-3    Release Date: 5/13/22

$ 22.00 USD  

  • Bonnie Rides With Us
  • Bonnie Rides With Us
  • Bonnie Rides With Us


Tracklist / listen
  1. A Circle of Trees
  2. C Major for Bonnie
  3. Bonnie Rides With Us
  4. Blue Skies and Golden Sunshine
  5. The Ascendant
  6. On High in Blue Tomorrows


In 2020, Thor Harris and I created "Music for Bonnie", 22 minutes of ambient music created with the intention of providing relaxation and healing for Dumb Numbers guitarist and dear friend Bonnie Mercer who suffered an Ischemic stroke in December 2019.

With a little help from our friends Sarah “Goat” Gautier (Thor & Friends) and Lawrence English (Room40), we have expanded Music for Bonnie into a full-length LP called Bonnie Rides With Us. Our friend Daniel Herring provided the beautiful black and white photography, and Liz Harris did the lettering. Although this music was primarily created for Bonnie, we hope it may also provide you some comfort during these strange times.

- Adam Harding

'Bonnie Rides With Us' is the third release off the Joyful Noise Recordings 2022 Gray Area Cassette Series that features 10 artists from JNR's extended family. 
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