Changing Phase of Truth

Catalog #: JNR380-2    Release Date: 4/5/21

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  • Changing Phase of Truth
  • Changing Phase of Truth
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1. Liminal Moments
2. All Is Lost
3. Stake Out
4. Splits Away
5. Steeple Of The Mind
6. You Can't Have It All
7. Little Birds
8. Locked Out
9. There Is Time To Grow


"Changing Phase of Truth", Semicircle's third official release, shows the project's deepest pry into the paradoxes which have come to drive its music. "Changing Phase of Truth" marks an important departure in Semicircle's catalog. While both the eponymous EP and 2015's "Blown Breeze, Grown Grass and We Are Part of the Earth" were created slowly and privately with Andrew McFarland (of Reptar) as a one man band, "Changing Phase of Truth" invited the band's live members to track most of the record live over the course of only a few days.

Semicircle initially formed in Athens, GA in 2010 as more of an experiment than a band. Centered around a small group of songs, performances invited anyone and everyone to arrange themselves in a semicircle, grab an instrument and play along as the spirit moved them. Semicircle's current lineup and continues to bring McFarland's twisting, meditative songs to life. 

"Changing Phase of Truth" is the second installment of the inaugural Joyful Noise Recordings 2021 Gray Area Cassette Series that features 10 artists from JNR's extended family. Check out the live performance of "Changing Phase of Truth" on the JNR YouTube channel.
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