Catalog #: JNR317-1    Release Date: 6/25/2019

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  • Dosed
  • Dosed
  • Dosed
  • Dosed


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  1. Dosed 4:52



    It's easy to feel crippled by the daily barrage of bad news facing our planet. To combat this feeling of impending doom, we present to you the new single "Dosed" from the band Mythless.

    Formed by the members of Fang Island, Mythless is the most aggressively anthemic, heartwarmingly experimental, and triumphantly hopeful music you're likely to hear. We released the band's debut 'Patience Hell EP' in 2018, and hope and expect this to be the first of many one-off singles from Mythless in 2019.

    "Dosed" is now available in extremely limited release of just 150 copies on lathe-cut square 7" records (each copy hand-made here at JNR).

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