Kishi Bashi / El Ten Eleven / Tall Tall Trees

Every Day Is A Sunday b/w Slow Motion Feel

Catalog #: JNR346    Release Date: 08/27/21

$ 10.00 USD  

  • Every Day Is A Sunday b/w Slow Motion Feel
  • Every Day Is A Sunday b/w Slow Motion Feel


Track Listing
Side A: Kishi Bashi & El Ten Eleven "Every Day Is A Sunday"
Side B: Tall Tall Trees & El Ten Eleven "Slow Motion Feel"


If there’s one good thing about the pandemic, it has certainly provided the opportunity for some unique artistic collaborations. This limited edition release features the unlikely collaboration / split 7" from three Joyful Noise artists: Kishi Bashi, Tall Tall Trees, and El Ten Eleven. 

Even though Kishi Bashi and Tall Tall Trees are touring bandmates, these two are not crossing creative streams this time around… Instead, the legendarily prolific instrumental band El Ten Eleven has stepped in as the collaborator for both sides of this split 7". 

Side A features a ridiculously catchy collaboration between Kishi Bashi and El Ten Eleven titled “Every Day Is A Sunday” (a revised/polished version of the song featured on the 'Safe In Sound' comp), and Side B features a new collaboration between Tall Tall Trees and El Ten Eleven, titled “Slow Motion Feel”. If it’s easier, you can think of this as a Kishi Bashi / Tall Tall Trees split 7", with both of them being graced with one of the greatest instrumental bands in the world (El Ten Eleven) as their “backing band”. 

The release is limited to a one-time pressing of 1000 copies on blue vinyl.


Side A-
Kishi Bashi - vocals, synths, violins
Kristian Dunn - basses
Tim Fogarty - drums
Mixed by Drew Vandenberg
Mastered by Bruce Templeton

Side B-
Mike Savino - vocals, banjola, effects, mixing
Kristian Dunn - basses
Tim Fogarty - drums

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