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Flipper w/ David Yow "Love Canal"

Catalog #: JNR208-17    Release Date: 09/01/2019

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  • Flipper w/ David Yow "Love Canal"
  • Flipper w/ David Yow "Love Canal"


Flipper was formed by Ted Falconi and Stephen DePace (along with Will Shatter and Ricky Williams) in San Francisco, 1979. Their first single “Love Canal” b/w “Ha Ha Ha” released in 1980 (followed by “Sex Bomb” b/w “Brainwash” the following year) was a huge influence on a young punk rocker from Austin named David Yow from the band Toxic Shock, and later Scratch Acid (with Steve Anderson, David Wm. Sims, Brett Bradford and Rey Washam) formed in 1982. 

I still remember like it was yesterday (it was 2015) when David excitedly shared with me the news that Flipper had invited him to join them on vocals for an upcoming tour of Italy. A few days earlier David had taken me to see Chrome at the Echoplex in Echo Park, Los Angeles where he was to perform guest vocals on “TV As Eyes”, and it was at this show that Stephen DePace decided to ask David to sing with Flipper. I knew very well that feeling of honour mixed with flattery mixed with astonishment mixed with elation, because I felt exactly the same way when David agreed to sing some songs with my singing group (Dumb Numbers) that same year. After their brief Italian tour, Flipper played a handful of shows with David on US soil and I was lucky enough to see them at the Troubadour in Los Angeles. I was very happy to hear that David would be joining Flipper again for a few more shows in 2019, and when he told me they’d be touring the Midwest, including a stop in Indianapolis, I immediately started hatching plans for an Almost Live session with Stephen. I felt it was important to document the 40th anniversary of Flipper as a band and this particular line-up with David on vocals.

This performance was also the very last Almost Live session to be filmed and recorded at our office in Fountain Square, so we decided to schlep all the gear up the narrow staircase and onto the blistering hot rooftop, grab a few cases of beer, and invite a few friends over and turn it into a party. I had originally pitched the idea to the band of getting some cops (or friends of ours dressed as bobbies or blue meanies) to shut down the performance as a homage to the Beatles final performance on the Apple Corps rooftop in 1969 (and there was a very real chance of this happening anyway, as the local cop shop is on the same block as the old JNR office). This didn’t eventuate, but David still gave a nod to the Beatles at the end.

I’d like to thank Flipper on behalf of the label and ourselves, and you most definitely passed the audition.

- Adam Harding
Project manager & video director, Joyful Noise Recordings
  • Music by Flipper:
    • Stephen DePace - drums
    • Ted Falconi - guitar
    • Rachel Thoele - bass
    • David Yow - vocals
    • Recorded live at Joyful Noise Recordings / June 2019 / by Alex Kercheval
    • Mixed and mastered by Alex Kercheval at Postal Recording
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