Stationary Odyssey

Head! Foot! And The Pink Axe

$ 12.00 USD  


On their third effort, the Joyful Noise debut, Head! Foot! And The Pink Axe, Stationary Odyssey curator Aaron Tanner teams up with Brett Siler to produce the bands most aggressive and guitar-driven album to date. The Evansville, IN based group has a sound that is extremely difficult to categorize without being overtly bizarre. Godspeed-esque guitar squeals reign throughout some songs, where at other times the music borders on electro-noise-pop. The bass driven songs occasionally sound like trip-hop being played on live instruments by metal-heads; producing a new and strangely listenable blend of noise-rock.

Obvious comparisons can be drawn to Mogwai or the Red Sparrows, though we here at Joyful Noise feel that Stationary Odyssey take a far more honest approach to their easy-listening noise-rock; freeing them to experiment beyond that (former?) trendy genre. Their DIY ethic ultimately lets fate decide how the music will sound, and where it will take the listener. This is a band unafraid to cross into new musical territory; and as diverse as their sound is, it somehow always ends up being startling and strangely beautiful.

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