Big Business

Head For The Shallow

Catalog #: JNR240.1    Release Date: 01/19/2018

$ 20.00 USD  

  • Albums - Head For The Shallow
  • Albums - Head For The Shallow


Track Listing
  1. O.G.
  2. Focus Pocus
  3. White Piz Azz
  4. Stareadactyl
  5. Easter Romantic
  6. Technically Electrified
  7. Eis Hexe
  8. Off Off Broadway


    The year is 2003. The place: Seattle, Washington. In a tiny room packed some really nice gear, Jared Warren and Coady Willis recorded the first full-length Big Business album, Head For The Shallow.
    Both Jared and Coady had previously recorded with Phil Ek, and both really liked him as person, as well as his production sensibilities. Phil had made many records at AVAST! Studios and was right at home, which made the band feel a lot more comfortable. Says Coady, “I remember listening to the rough mixes of the O.G. in the van and getting super excited. It was sounding great, just like a real record! I still feel proud of this album. It made me feel confident that we could do more.”
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