Memory Map

Holiday Band

Catalog #: JNR75    Release Date: 5/10/2011

$ 9.00 USD  

  • Holiday Band - Memory Map - Joyful Noise Recordings - 1
  • Holiday Band - Memory Map - Joyful Noise Recordings - 2
*Physical vinyl colors are each unique due to the nature of the format.
Expect a variation of our mock-up.


Memory Map speak in pop stanzas funneled through a mobius strip. 

The debut album "Holiday Band" is a record with a cult-like focus and child-like naivety. Guitars weave in and out of melodic tapestries with no shame, as if the guitar playing of the 80's never became passe - and drums pound with eagerness as if Blink 182 doesn't suck. The resulting blend of indie-math-pop is equal parts catchy and compelling. 
Memory Map's configuration is unique and without gimmick: three guitars, one that cheats its way into acting as a bass. While the guitar's sprawling chord progressions hint at a compositional approach to songwriting, they also share commonalities with the music programmers of the Nintendo Entertainment System. 
The members of Memory Map have musical pedigrees that reflect their musically hyperactive town, Bloomington, Indiana. No slouches, Matt Tobey is a member of Bloomington favorite Good Luck and has played with and toured extensively with Kimya Dawson. Mike Bridavsky is of eargasm (and label-mates) Push Pull, Mike Dixon earned his license to confuse while playing with Rapider Than Horsepower, and drummer Josh Morrow is a really big Blink 182 fan. Their disparate musical backgrounds and gaping age differences allow them to make music that creates its own context. No idea is too stupid, all accidents are considered hidden intentions.
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