The Folk Implosion

It Just Goes With...

Catalog #: JNR454    Release Date: 04/01/2023

$ 100.00 USD  

  • It Just Goes With...
  • It Just Goes With...



Outer Songs:
  1. Blowback
  2. Crepusular
Inner Songs:
  1. My Little Lamb
  2. It Just Goes

The iconic indie duo of Lou Barlow (Sebadoh, Dinosaur Jr.) and John Davis give us a behind-the-scenes peek at the band's first new album in 24 years.

It Just Goes With… is released on the uniquely-designed "Four-Sided" lathe cut format, featuring a triple-spindled clear 10", limited 163 copies, each copy is uniquely hand-crafted by lathe-guru Mike Dixon, packaged with screen-printed, hand-numbered artwork. 

"In the process of making records, there are often stages on the way to completion that stand on their own two feet," explains Davis. "We feel these instrumental versions of the tunes Blowback and Crepuscular do just that - they feel fully realized even though we have been working on adding vocals and synths to them. We recommend you enjoy them while surfing."

"As we are piecing together most of this new The Folk Implosion LP remotely, living 670 miles apart, we have taken on different aspects of song creation to focus on," adds Barlow. "John has become a textural coordinator, and I am adding vocal melodies and lyrics to the instrumentals we create. I have reduced all the songs to basic chords and strum them on a standard-tuned 6-string guitar while searching for words. I am providing the 'folk' to John's soundscapes. My contributions for this lathe, "It Just Goes" and "Little Lamb," are 4-track cassette recordings of the songs in progress and will, naturally, sound completely different later. I'll probably change the lyrics until the day we match our efforts in the studio.”

Formed in 1993 by Barlow and Davis as a songwriting and DIY recording project, The Folk Implosion released an album and a few singles on Communion before finding unexpected success in 1995 when they were commissioned to do the soundtrack to the film Kids. Their song "Natural One" became a hit single, reaching no. 29 on the Billboard Hot 100 and no. 4 on the Modern Rock Charts. They released one more album, Dare to be Surprised, on Communion before signing to Interscope Records. The Folk Implosion dissolved shortly after the release of their major label debut, 1999's One Part Lullaby. They surprised fans when they reunited in 2021 and self-released the Feel It If You Feel It EP in 2022. Stay tuned for more new music from The Folk Implosion.



Audio Fidelity: These are lo-fi, mono records, each individually cut using 1940s technology. Do not expect the audio to have the same fidelity as a modern pressed record.

Turntable Setup: Lathe-cut records have more shallow grooves than pressed records, which can make them difficult to play. Adjustments to your standard turntable setup may be required. 

A Note About The Price: We understand the price is high, but we assure you that is for good reason. Each of the 167 copies required over an hour of work to cut individually on a 1940s record lathe, not to mention the countless hours that were put into the design, composition and recording. Believe us, no one is profiteering off of this release... If you cannot afford this art object, please don't stretch your budget. But to those who can afford it, you can comfort yourself in the knowledge that this is one of the most unique records in the world, and totally worth the price. 

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