Yonatan Gat & Gal Lazer

Physical Copy

Catalog #: JNR178    Release Date: 09/18/2015

$ 15.00 USD  

  • Physical Copy - Yonatan Gat & Gal Lazer - Joyful Noise Recordings - 1
  • Physical Copy - Yonatan Gat & Gal Lazer - Joyful Noise Recordings - 2


Track Listing
  1. "0"
  2. "1"


    No two Yonatan Gat shows are the same. Performing each night from inside the adrenaline-fueled audience, the trio deliver chaotic-yet-surgically-executed improvisational music hardly seen in rock ’n’ roll. SPIN wrote “you’ve never seen anything like it, cults have been formed over less,” while the NY Times saw the band as stretching “the static definition of a concert.” Continuing the legacy of Yonatan’s previous band Monotonix – these shows give a whole new meaning to the word “live” and the separation of “art” and “life”, and being ambitiously focused on improvisation, they each represent a unique, fleeting moment in time that cannot be replicated.

    Gat’s recorded output operates in a similar fashion. Instead of duplicating themselves and churning out the same formula, the musicians explore different territories, moods and styles. After racking up rave reviews with this year’s celebrated genre-bender Director, the upcoming Physical Copy sees Yonatan and collaborating drummer Gal Lazer focus on a rawer, more energetic side of their music. Recorded during an inspired three-hour session with Steve Albini at Electrical Audio Studios, they set out to capture the rave-like explosive beats of electronic music while using only one guitar, bass, and massive drums. Inspired to create a “physical copy” of electronic music, the trio and Albini achieved a truly physical sound – a fully-analog live document of a band in its prime.

    Due out September 18th on Joyful Noise, this “mixtape” mini-album will be available on vinyl or for free download. The music packs plenty of complex and dynamic material into two individual tracks: “0” and “1.” Lazer’s hectic drum grooves are spastic and lightning-fast, anchored by Sergio Sayeg’s innovative gliding bass, as if emulating a synth bass. Gat’s unparalleled cross-genre guitar blends in and out – improvised, unpredictable and unparalleled. Injecting punk rock with free improvisation, afrobeat guitars, Middle Eastern grooves and Brazilian psychedelia might sound embellished on paper, that is until you heard Yonatan and his band transform the diverse palette into something that’s raw, eye-level and truly their own.

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