Richard Edwards

Pity Party!

Catalog #: JNR248    Release Date: 11/10/2017

$ 25.00 USD  

  • Albums - Pity Party!
  • Albums - Pity Party!


Track Listing
  1. Pornographic Teens
  2. Disappeared Planets
  3. Howlin’ Heart
  4. Git Paid
  5. When You’re Gone
  6. Hello, San Francisco
  7. Lazy
  8. In Some Dreams
  9. Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’
  10. Postcard
  11. Gene.



    ** NOTICE this is a Pre-Order! Records & full album download sent on or before 11/10/2017. 

    Pity Party! is a live to 2" tape acoustic album from Richard Edwards, consisting of performances of songs from Lemon Cotton Candy Sunset, Sling Shot To Heaven (Margot & the Nuclear So and So's), the next solo album (????), as well as an unreleased track "In Some Dreams". No overdubs, no comping, just some of Richard's best songs in their most intimate form.

    A Letter from Richard:

    When I began writing the songs that make up my solo album(s) I hadn't toured for awhile. I wasn't feeling good. Not being able to play music live, something I've done my whole life, had me feeling even worse. To remedy this, I began experimenting with live streaming myself playing these new tunes as they developed. It was a fun way to keep in touch with the people who like my music and the material developed as I shared with people, all stripped down and acoustic-like. And it seemed like people were tuning in and enjoying it, too! Eventually, I went to California and made a couple big ole' records complete with a band, but when it came time to go out and play shows, it was just lil' ole me and a guitar. Sometimes a generous woman to share singin' duties. Just how it worked out, I guess. I don't prefer the acoustic versions to the albums, but it was a beautiful experience playing them like that for people who hadn't seen me play for awhile. It seemed a shame to not preserve that experience in some way.

    During breaks in show playing, I began going into a friend's studio. He'd put a big reel of tape on the machine and I'd just play. In between takes, we'd laugh about Nathan for you, catch up on each other's lives, then I'd finish up, pack up my guitar and split. I recorded the songs I'd been using to make up the setlist for this year's shows. Songs from Margot's swan dive, Sling Shot To Heaven (sorta my unofficial first "solo" record), songs from Lemon Cotton Candy Sunset, and songs from the next solo album, ????? (Shhh, don't tell anyone). I even did a song that's not on any of those records, called, "In Some Dreams", which one or two of you might remember as "Mayo Clinic Blues" or "Minnesota" from those old live streams. This is meant as a keepsake for those of you who shared my comeback year with me, and all of those early live streams when I was unsure whether or not there would be a "comeback". It's unfussy. Just a permanent record of how this particular batch of songs sounded when I played 'em mostly by myself in the year 2017. It's good for late night drives or Fall night's with the windows open. Thanks for listening, my babies. 

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