Prizzy Prizzy Please


$ 3.00 USD  

*Physical vinyl colors are each unique due to the nature of the format.
Expect a variation of our mock-up.


With the PPPPPEP, Push-Pull (PP) and Prizzy Prizzy Please (PPP) join forces - offering a split 7" + MP3 of different yet equally unique perspectives on the punk rock. Bloomington, Indiana is where both of these bands reside, a college town where aggressive music has traditionally not been embraced over the sappy, arty, and indie - but where both of these bands have found unusual favor. Rarely understood, but usually celebrated, these two bands carry with them an authentic, unashamed, informed yet undeniably Midwestern musical perspective.

While the music certainly stems from the kind of punk that leaves PBR-puddles in the basement, the boys in PPP seem to have have an equally strong musical allegiance to the quality pop songs of the 80s which are just now (and many times only ironically) becoming acceptable to play during said PBR-laden house parties. What results is basement arena rock completely void of guitars, which carries a certain earnest expression and nostalgia only matched by the songs of cheese-ball guitar-rock-gods like Van Halen or Rush.

Push-Pull are a busy band. They released their "3" EP lon Joyful Noise to critical acclaim. In November 08 Sickroom Records released their never-properly-released first album "Hello Soldier",  "Between noise..." is easily their most polished and precisely orchestrated work to date. In contrast, the music contained on the PPPPPEP is raw, rough, and playful - complete with Weezer-drum-beat homage. The PP songs come across as a unifying musical thought - a more aggressive extension of their "3" EP, which according to Skyscraper Magazine, "sounds nothing like Shellac, Big Black, or the Wipers" but which presents "bizarrely good songs" from "a quirky band comfortable enough to be as strange and nerdy as they want to be."

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