Jad Fair, Tenniscoats and Norman Blake


Catalog #: JNR226    Release Date: 6/30/2017

$ 10.00 USD  

  • Albums - Raindrops
  • Albums - Raindrops


Track Listing
  1. Dobu Dobu
  2. All That, and More
  3. Thank You
  4. My Heart Has Wings
  5. Neighborhood Association
  6. Don't Leave Me Alone
  7. That's Us / Pa Pa Louie
  8. Sudden Ghost
  9. I Know That We Can
  10. Fragrant Olive Race
  11. Your Love Protects Me
  12. Vegan Song
  13. Yes, We Can
  14. Reading Bubbles
  15. Raindrops
  16. Powerful Love
  17. Wells
  18. A Good Thing Going
  19. Minshutenui
  20. This Is A Time
  21. I Have A Plan
  22. How's Your Summer
  23. Yo Yo Yo!



    The legendary Jad Fair has teamed up with Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub) and Japanese mainstays Tenniscoats to create some of the most endearing content you're likely to experience outside of an internet cat video.

    'Raindrops' is fiercely adorable. Containing 85 minutes of music on limited edition 2xLP, this is simple, charming, acoustic pop at it's most feral. Tenniscoats' playful melodies and vocal coos have seemingly harnessed Jad Fair's uninhibited style, resulting in some distinctively special songs that are fragile, and oozing with positivity. Outsider art has never sounded so cute. 

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