Song #9 Demo

$ 5.00 USD  


The September installment of our 2014 Flexi Disc Series was a new exclusive song from the one-and-only OWLS!

The legendary band featuring the Kinsella brothers (both Tim and Mike), Victor Villarreal, and Sam surprised everyone when they announced their first release since their 2001 s/t debut album. The appropriately titled "Two" came out on Polyvinyl, with sold-out shows across the globe to follow.

The band's contribution to the flexi series is "Song #9 Demo". Now, there is no actual "Song #9" on the band's new album, so we can only imagine that this is a song recorded for "Two", but was never finished as an album track. And so now the song exists, but only on the fleeting analog format of Flexi Disc in quantities of just 1000.

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