Helvetia & Built To Spill

Spooky Action At The Sufferbus

$ 5.00 USD  


The July installment of the Joyful Noise 2013 Flexi Disc Series was a collaborative track from Helvetia and Built To Spill.

"Spooky Action At The Sufferbus" is an exclusive, limited edition song co-written by both bands, who are long-time friends and touring partners. The connection between these two groups runs deep -- culminating in Built To Spill's full-on appropriation of Helvetia earlier this year. That's right, the members of Helvetia are now full-time Built To Spill members. And though the two bands' writing styles remain in tact with this fusion, this is the first release featuring Built To Spill's new lineup.

The Flexi-Disc is limited to just 1000 copies, and was only available as part of our 2013 Flexi-Disc Series. 

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