Gareth Liddiard

Strange Tourist

Catalog #: JNR451    Release Date: 8/25/2023

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  • Strange Tourist
  • Strange Tourist
  • Strange Tourist
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*Physical vinyl colors are each unique due to the nature of the format.
Expect a variation of our mock-up.


Tracklist / Listen
  1. Blondin Makes An Omelette
  2. Highplains Mailman
  3. Strange Tourist
  4. You Sure Ain't Mine Now
  5. The Collaborator
  6. Did She Scare All Your Friends Away
  7. She's My Favourite
  8. The Radicalisation Of D
Made by Gareth Liddiard and Burke Reid at Blackburn Castle near Yass NSW in the Winter of 2010.
Gareth Liddiard
Recorded and mixed by Burke Reid
Remastered by Aaron Cupples
Cover photo by Daniel Campbell
Interior photo by Burke Reid
Design by David Woodruff 
Interior layout by Amy Burrows
(C)+(P) Gareth Liddiard & Tropical Fuck Storm Records under exclusive license to Joyful Noise Recordings
Thanks: Fiona Kitschin, Cara-Joy Purkis, Nick Treweek, James Harker-Mortlock, Courtney Collins, Decent Dick, Kathryn Liddiard, Jasmin Tarasin, Amanda Ro, Max the dog, Paul Kelly, Jane and Ian Duhig, Greg and Janet Ivone.


Because you demanded it: Gareth Liddiard's 2010 solo album Strange Tourist is finally reissued on double LP. Celebrated for his work as the frontman of cult acts Tropical Fuck Storm, The Drones, and Springtime, Strange Tourist is a stripped-down acoustic set from one of our greatest living songwriters.

"Superlative... Liddiard's screeds demand and reward the listener's full attention." - MOJO

"Superbly engaging... crystalline and austere." - The Quietus
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