Oneida with Mike Watt


Catalog #: JNR470    Release Date: 03/20/2024

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  • Tusko
  • Tusko
  • Tusko
  • Tusko


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    Recorded live at All Tomorrow’s Parties “Nightmare Before Christmas” festival, December 2010 

    “Tusko” sees Oneida-plus-Watt at turbo-thrust levels of improv splatter-choogle, 8 hours or so into one of the near-mythic Ocropolis installation performances mounted by the O at a series of ATP festivals. Hours deep into this nonstop collaborative set, Watt takes the stage on crutches, someone passes a bass over, and he throws the fucking crutches into the audience and proceeds to rip into the heart of the groove. The result: pachydermic rampage – Tusko. 

    Cover photo by Erica Fletcher. 

    Oneida has long straddled gray-area boundaries between the NYC punk/psych/rock world and the art/experimental world, playing at gritty rock clubs and elevated cultural institutions, including the Guggenheim, MoMA PS1, ICA London, MassMOCA and the Knoxville Museum of Art. The band has been known for extended live improvisational performances, collaborating onstage with Mike Watt, members of Flaming Lips, Portishead, Boredoms, Yo La Tengo, Dead C, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and many others.

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