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This Month's Single: Cause & Effect - Vol 5: Os Mutantes - "Esos Ojos Verdes" b/w Yonatan Gat - "Porto Exílio". Pressed to split color 7" vinyl packaged in a custom die-cut jacket.
  • VIP Membership + Singles Series
  • VIP Membership + Singles Series
  • VIP Membership + Singles Series - Joyful Noise Recordings - Joyful Noise Recordings


Side A - Os Mutantes - "Esos Ojos Verdes"
Side B - Yonatan Gat - "Porto Exílio"
When I was very young I was under the impression that music is only meant to be beautiful.
Two albums smashed that concept – The Velvet Underground & Nico and Os Mutantes.
The Velvet Underground & Nico taught me that many feelings can be used to create breathtaking music, not just expressions of beauty and harmony. Os Mutantes had a similar effect, but revealed you could also have a blast while you’re at it.
There’s the insanely loud, piercing guitar on “Bat Macumba”; the disorienting tape edits in “O Relógio”; that ice cream slurp on “Baby”; and other surreal sounds, effects, percussion and wild orchestrations scattered throughout the record—arguably most noticeable being Sérgio Dias’ completely unique guitar, sounding like a piece of paper lit by a match.
It was as if the album had invented its own set of rules, only to shatter them entirely one song later. Each track sounded like a different band (they sang in four languages), and it was ambitious, playful, adventurous, and overwhelming. It wasn’t just beautiful - it was all the beauty, irony, disgust, joy, sarcasm, naiveté and self-awareness of young people creating in an oppressing environment, ideas as relevant to 2018’s New York as they were to 1968 military dictatorship Brazil.
During a recent tour of that incredible country I went to a samba club in the Lapa neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro where I heard a fado (a traditional and passionate Portuguese sea ballad) performed by an extremely powerful samba singer. Her name was Magali. She sang it with intensity, and when she visited New York a year later I invited her to collaborate on the track in my attic studio. 
An inappropriate guitar can have the power to turn a traditional song into...something else. This song serves as a homage to a Brazilian composer that opened my world with his guitar – Sérgio Dias.
– Yonatan Gat
"Porto Exílio"
Written by Magali and Elisa Lucinda
Produced by Yonatan Gat
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