Artist Profile:

Don Caballero first emerged in the summer of 1991 as drummer Damon Che, bassist Patrick Morris, and guiratist Mike Banfield. Re-inventing the usual song structures and instrument conventions, Don Cab cultivated an other-worldly sound that would become known to many as "math rock". While the general public was first cutting their teeth on Nirvana, Don Cab was 10 steps ahead of us, pioneering an elaborately-rhythmic, loop-centric sound which, with the benefit of hindsight, was obsurdly ahead of its time. Don Cab released their first 4 albums on Touch & Go ("For Respect", "Don Caballero 2", "What Burns Never Returns", "American Don"), and the latter two albums on Relapse ("World Class Listening Problem", "Punkgasm"). "Gang Banged With A Headache, And Live" is the first full length live album from the band. Recorded in 2003, and featuring the lineup of Gene Doyle, Jeff Ellsworth, Jason Jouver, and (of course) Damon Che, "Gang Banged" captures Don Cab's unrivaled musicianship in gritty, brash fashion - affirming our humble opinion that they are simply one of the best bands that has ever existed.