Artist Profile:

Good Fuck is TK Doctor Spaciaotaurie & Zenny Pulse.
We claim no element of our sound as our own.
We simply curate the many who’ve come before us & present our responses in the varying ratios that we intuit.
We are dedicated to hauling our cumbersome unconsciouses into our conscious minds in hopes of amplifying our degrees of self-determination.
Each day we create, siphoning flow from contrast, to create our perfect day.
Our existence is our creativity & our creativity is our existence.
The ultimate intent is to shift perceptions & we are the first witnesses & primary beneficiaries of this power.
We organize what we organize & it, in turn, organizes us.
To reveal the hidden selves within us & within you.
To expand & deepen, us & you.
We enjoy ourselves very much—we maybe have more fun than most adults decide is possible—but fun is not the goal.
Fun is the fundamental necessity to achieving this expansion & deepening as individuals & as a duo.
We commit to this for ourselves, our communities, & the ever-expanding infini-verse.
We invite you to join us.

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