Artist Profile:

Hella is Spencer Seim and Zach Hill. Originating in Sacramento in 2001, they perfected their sound of dense, intricately arranged, spazz-out math-rock while releasing "Hold Your Horse Is" and "The Devil Isn't Red" on 5 Rue Christine. 2005 saw the release of the solo/double album "Church Gone Wild/Chirpin' Hard" on Suicide Squeeze Records in which both members created an album's worth of solo material. Expanding to a 5-piece for 2007's "There's No 666 in Outer Space" on Ipecac, and returning to the original two-piece to release their latest album, "Tripper" in 2011 on Sargent House, Hella return again to participate in Joyful Noise's 2013 Flexi Disc series.