No Joy / Sonic Boom

Artist Profile:
No Joy / Sonic Boom is an experiment in testing boundaries and stepping out of comfort zones gone cosmically right.

The project is comprised of Jasamine White-Gluz (a founding member/principal songwriter of No Joy) and Pete Kember, aka Sonic Boom (of Spacemen 3, Spectrum, and E.A.R.).

The pair first considered working together during the fall of 2015. No Joy had just finished touring and Jasamine was eager to walk a new path. “[We] functioned as a four-piece ‘rock band’ for so long,” she says. “I wanted to pursue something solo where I collaborated with someone else who could help me approach my songs from a completely different angle.” 

What started as a sonic exploration between two friends—passing songs back and forth intercontinentally between Montreal and Portugal—soon grew into a project of substance, the result being four glistening tracks that dance along the lines of electronica, trip-hop and experimental noise.

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