Want to return or cancel your order? No problem. Here are a few scenarios:

 - Order arrived damaged.
Bummer. We will replace any order which is damaged at no cost to you. Just email us and attach a couple pictures showing what was damaged. Then we'll send you out a bright shiny order.

 - Manufacturing defect.
Balls. But yes, these things happen when dealing with the finicky world of unique music formats. If your record is indeed defective we are more than happy to replace it. Just email us and we'll provide you with a shipping label. Once we receive the package we'll send you out certifiably non-defective copy.

 - I just hate this album.
Well that's unfortunate, but hey, our releases aren't for everyone! If you'd like to ship us back your record/cd/cassette on your dime, and it arrives in mint condition, we will happily give you credit towards another release of your choice.