Welcome to the JNR family!

We're super pumped you decided to become a VIP! By buying into our little "co-op" you'll be introduced to a bunch of new amazing music while helping us support incredible artists.

On this page you'll find info on all your new perks, plus a tour of the label, FAQs, and ways to keep in touch.


You now have access to Exclusive VIP Editions of each major release!

VIP Editions are limited to 300-500 hand-numbered copies. This is the most limited variant of the release, and will never be repressed

VIP Editions are pressed on specialty-colored vinyl (with attention to audio fidelity), and typically contain exclusive bonus content (7", flexi, cassette, art-print, etc). .


You also get FREE DOWNLOADS of every release that includes a digital version, in high-quality MP3, WAV, and AIFF formats, about a week after release date.

Check out the VIP Latest Downloads page and get busy clicking!


The Private Stash contains otherwise-sold-out limited releases from our label reserves, which we make available only to our VIP Members. Originally reserved for safety against lost or damaged orders, these rarities are available in extremely limited quantities while they last.

Keep an eye out for Test Pressings, which are typically posted at 3:00 PM (EST) on the first Friday of each month.


D̸͎̭̊͂O̴̜͙͆͝ ̷͖́̾̚Y̴̝͇̠̚͠Ỏ̴̜̬͒U̵̲̲̼̔͛̿ ̷̝̿W̴̻̪͖͒Ȧ̸̘N̴̡͖̉T̵̲̃͋̐ ̶̞̰̄̌̽Ť̴̨̒̕Ó̵͓̞̈́ ̷̯͝S̷̢͑̇̚Ě̶̦̜͋E̶̤̓̕ ̸̺̋̈̃T̷̤̆̕Ḩ̶̫̳̆͗E̷̛̗̦̬ ̵̪̗̲̒F̶̫̑U̴͇̳͆̌Ť̴̐͗͜U̷̫̰̙̍R̴̫̃E̶̦͕͝?̵̱̫͋

Look through the [ PEEPHOLE ] for a cryptic glimpse of works in progress.


As a VIP you will receive a 15% discount on everything, site-wide (with the exception of box sets). Just enter the discount code "VIP" at checkout, and if you are in fact a VIP Member, you'll magically receive 15% off.


As a VIP you will receive advanced notifications of all new releases. We will email you (or text you if you prefer) 12-24 hours before any release is announced to the world. This advanced notice gives you first dibs on limited releases that often sell out quickly. In addition, VIPs are able to stream the entire album before the world even knows it exists.


This is the ultra-limited, wild and crazy shit that no one's even thought up yet. They will be small-run super creative releases that we'll be cooking up with our pals at PEOPLE IN A POSITION TO KNOW. Ever heard of a six-sided record? Yeah, that's what we're talking about!


By becoming a VIP you’ll be supporting our humble, independently run label; empowering us to continue to bring amazing music into the world. VIP funds go to pay for fundamental operating costs so the artists ultimately don't have to chip in for things like utilities, rent, packaging materials, etc. This gives us the freedom to treat our artists fairly, and release meaningful music with less of an eye on financial viability. Your VIP Membership allows us to focus on quality of art over commerce, and we thank you!



How do I use the VIP discount?
As a VIP, you receive 15% off all standard orders. To use your discount, just type VIP into the discount code box at checkout. This will only work if you’re signed into your Joyful Noise account with an active subscription.


How do I know about VIP releases and updates?
Make sure you're signed up for our email list! (click here). As a VIP you'll now receive advanced release emails— so you can get the first crack at these special releases 1 or 2 days before the public announcement! Also, on the 15th of the month, we also send a VIP update email where you can find information about updates to our Private Stash, Latest Downloads, ticket giveaways, and any fun happenings for artists on our label.


How can I connect with Joyful and other VIPs?
Join the brand new VIP Discord !


To view your order history, please login here.


If you have any issues or questions that weren't addressed here, get in touch via the contact form in the Help Center.

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