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Jason Loewenstein "Superstitious"

Catalog #: JNR208-9    Release Date: 03/01/2018

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  • Singles - Jason Loewenstein "Superstitious"
  • Singles - Jason Loewenstein "Superstitious"


Back in October 2017 I was given the opportunity to book a house show tour for Jason Loewenstein. It was an interesting idea but it required a different approach than other tours I had booked. Sure, Jason could draw an audience, but shouting into the black abyss of the internet to ask strangers to open their homes to other strangers posed its own set of challenges.
The shows were unique and intimate; joined by Bob D’Amico (Sebadoh) on drums and Matt Friedberger (The Fiery Furnaces) on bass, the band played at full-volume in living rooms all over the East Coast and the Midwest. In the end, no property was damaged and no police were ever called, so I consider that a rousing success.
The guys happened to have a free day on their tour between shows in Murfreesboro, Tennessee and Channahon, Illinois. We convinced them to take a slight detour and spend that free day recording a single track at Joyful Noise. They arrived in Indianapolis on a quiet Saturday morning and, like the pros they are, unloaded and set up their gear in record time. After a brief soundcheck and two or three takes, they were finished. Our audio engineer had everything he needed in what seemed like no time.
I wasn’t able to join Jason, Bob and Matt on their whole tour, so it was super special to feel it come full-circle. And since they had driven out of their way to do this for us, I decided to drive three hours to their sold out show the following night. It was practically next door, how could I not go? 
– J onathan Lee Horne
Performed by Jason Loewenstein Band
Written by Jason Loewenstein
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