Joyful Noise

2021 Holiday Special Snowflathes (Clear Version)

Catalog #: JNR399    Release Date: 12/5/21

$ 175.00  

These snowflake-shaped lathe-cut 7" records (aka "Snowflathes") are handmade, hand-numbered, and each include a download of the full 12-song holiday compilation. This is the second run, cut on CLEAR snowflakes, exclusive to VIPs, and limited to just 50 copies of each track. 100% of net proceeds are donated to Coalition for the Homeless.
  • 2021 Holiday Special Snowflathes (Clear Version)
  • 2021 Holiday Special Snowflathes (Clear Version)


Track Listing
  1. WHY? - Auld Lang Syne
  2. jess joy - OkCupid Xmas
  3. Paul Leary - We Wish You a Merry Christmas
  4. Kidbug - Just Like Xmas
  5. Sound of Ceres - Walking in the Air
  6. Jad Fair - Baking Cookies for Santa
  7. C.J. Boyd - Winter Wanderer
  8. Tall Tall Trees - Free Jazz Drummer Boy
  9. The Ophelias - Silver & Gold
  10. No Joy - Theme from Gremlins
  11. Kramer - Winterlong
  12. Oneida - In The Court of the Christmas King


      We’re suckers for a good tradition over at JNR, one of them being our annual “holiday special” with holiday-themed covers by the JNR roster. 

      To commemorate this mighty celebration, we offered snowflake-shaped lathe-cut 7" records (AKA “Snowflathes”). This year however, the WHITE Snowflathe discs were in short supply due to pandemic-related issues, so we were only able to offer 200 total of the white Snowflathes across all bands... which sold out in about 10 minutes.

      As a courtesy to our VIP Members who weren't able to order before these sold out, we are offering this second run of CLEAR Snowflathes. The clear version is limited to 50 copies of each title, and are now available to VIP Members.
      However, please be advised: WE CANNOT GUARANTEE THAT THIS CLEAR EDITION WILL ARRIVE BEFORE CHRISTMAS. If you order this, please expect to receive them in January. 

      100% of net proceeds will benefit Coalition for the Homeless (
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