A Dot Running For The Dust

Catalog #: JNR173-2    Release Date: 10/02/2015

$ 9.00 USD  


Track Listing
  1. Whatever, Nano
  2. Not a Captain
  3. Kris
  4. The Road Crew
  5. Out of the Dark
  6. Sticky Sweet
  7. Stravinsky
  8. We are the Vegetables
  9. Meadow Neck
  10. With the Tripping Legs
  11. Rabbit
  12. The Long Drop

    Shortly after the release of "Nothing In Rambling" (2012), Albertini started recording new material at his home studio. After nearly finishing this new full length ‘A Dot Running For The Dust’, a computer meltdown occurred and the entire album was lost. After a long cry, Albertini accepted the loss and moved on to write and record a completely different album, entitled "Dromomania" released October 2, 2015.

    However, through a bit of luck and hard-drive-wizardry, Albertini was eventually able to recover the "lost album”. The Lost Sessions was originally included with the physical VIP LP release of ‘Dromomania’ in 2015, but will be released digitally Feb 4, 2022.

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