Son Lux

Alternate Forms

Catalog #: JNR444    Release Date: 08/11/2023

$ 22.00 USD  

  • Alternate Forms
  • Alternate Forms
  • Alternate Forms

*Physical vinyl colors are each unique due to the nature of the format.
Expect a variation of our mock-up.


Track Listing / Listen

01) Alternate World (Alternate Life) - Kishi Bashi
Produced and performed by Kishi Bashi
Mixed by Brandon Peralta

02) Lost It To Trying (Rise) - Sen Morimoto + KAINA
Produced and performed by Sen Morimoto and Kaina Castillo

03) Ransom (All Innocence) - Sedcairn + Sound of Ceres
Produced and performed by Sedcairn + Sound of Ceres
Additional vocal production and engineering by Peter Silberman

04) Easy (Fight to Forget) - Chris Pattishall + Vuyo Sotashe
Performed by Chris Pattishall + Vuyo Sotashe
Produced and mixed by Chris Pattishall
Engineered by Katie Von Schleicher
Recorded at Figure 8 Recording, Brooklyn NY

05) No Crimes (New History) - Jordan Munson + Isaiah Robinson
Remixed with additional elements by Jordan Munson
Additional vocals and vocal arrangement by Isaiah Robinson
Saxophone by Alan Tyson
Mixed by Michael Hammond

06) Pyre (Alarm Bells) - Anna B Savage + DM Stith 
Produced by DM Stith
Vocals by Anna B Savage and DM Stith 

07) Enough Of Our Machines (Walk Away) - vōx + Alexander Vincent
Produced and performed by vōx and Alexander Vincent
Mixed by Alexander Vincent

08) Plan the Escape (Sirens and Tremors) - Kilamanzego
Remixed with additional elements by Kilamanzego
Guitar by Andrea Okorley
Live Drums by Thia Schreyer 

09) Lanterns Lit (Singing Light) - Omari Jazz
Remixed with additional elements by Omari Jazz

Art + Design by Anthony Ciannamea and Ryan Sievert
All songs originally written and performed by Son Lux 

The release of Lanterns in 2013 was a breakout moment for Son Lux. Fans, critics, and musicians were drawn into the album’s otherworldly vortex of sound. NPR described Lanterns as the "most fully realized Son Lux album," noting that the music rested “comfortably at the nexus of 21st-century R&B, hip-hop and synthpop.” Album tracks like “Easy”, and “Lost It To Trying” earned millions of streams online, and were covered/sampled by pop stars around the globe. The glowing success of Lanterns cast a bright light on the future of Son Lux, providing a strong signal of things to come. 

Son Lux has evolved in unexpected ways since the release of Lanterns, as evidenced in their recent Oscar performance with David Byrne and Stephanis Hsu (Son Lux’s score for the 2022 film Everything Everywhere All at Once was nominated for two Academy Awards). Alternate Forms celebrates that journey, while honoring the collaborative spirit of Lanterns

Collaboration is a foundational element in the creative process of Son Lux, and Alternate Forms offers a formidable set of contributors, including Kishi Bashi, Sen Morimoto, KAINA, Sedcairn, Sound of Ceres, Chris Pattishall, Vuyo Sotashe, Jordan Munson, Isaiah Robinson, Anna B Savage, DM Stith, vōx, Alexander Vincent, Kilamanzego, and Omari Jazz. The album’s artwork has also been reimagined by Lanterns cover art designers Ryan Sievert and Anthony Ciannamea.

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