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  • Son Lux - Lanterns Vinyl


Equal parts producer and composer, Son Lux (aka Ryan Lott) bridges an unusual gap between old-world music discipline and next-level experimentation. Meditative but heaving with energy, Lanterns finds a peculiar congruency between futuristic soul and ancient sentiment. Driving orchestral pop (Lost It To Trying, No Crimes) is placed alongside haunting minimalism (Pyre, Enough Of Our Machines), often starkly juxtaposing densely layered arrangements with Lott's intimate voice. 
In recent past Son Lux has gained notoriety both for his s/s/s project (with Sufjan Stevens and Serengeti), and for being named NPR's "Best New Artist of the Year". His third full-length album, and his first for Joyful Noise, positions Son Lux at the helm of an impressive ensemble of instrumentalists and singers, including Chris Thile (The Punch Brothers), Peter Silberman (The Antlers), DM Stith, Lily & Madeleine, Darren King (Mutemath), Ieva Berberian (Gem Club) and yMusic (Dirty Projectors, Bon Iver).
In addition to CD & Digital, Joyful Noise will release two separate versions of limited edition vinyl:
Deluxe VIP Edition-
Limited to 500 copies on clear / black "color in color" vinyl. Each copy is hand-numbered, and personally thumb-printed in silver paint by Son Lux himself.
Split-Color Edition-
Limited to 1200 copies on clear / black "split color" vinyl.
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